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SepaBean™ machine

  • How to do when“Instrument not found”was indicated in the welcome page of SepaBean App?

    Power on the instrument and wait for its prompt “Ready”. Make sure the iPad network connection is correct, and the router is powered on.

  • How to do when “Network recovery” was indicated in the main screen?

    Check and confirm router status to make sure the iPad can be connected to the current router.

  • How to judge whether the equilibration is sufficient?

    The equilibration is done when the column is totally wetted and looks translucent. Usually this can be done in flushing 2 ~ 3 CVs of the mobile phase. During the equilibration process, occasionally we might find that the column cannot be completely wetted. This is a normal phenomenon and will not compromise the separation performance.

  • How to do when the SepaBean App prompt alarm information of “Tube rack was not placed”?

    Check if the tube rack is correctly placed in the right position. When this is done, the LCD screen on the tube rack should show a connected symbol.

    If the tube rack is faulty, user can choose customized tube rack from the tube rack list in SePaBean App for temporary use . Or contact after-sale engineer.

  • How to do when bubbles are found inside the column and the column outlet?

    Check whether the solvent bottle is lack of related solvent and replenish the solvent.

    If the solvent line is full of solvent, please do not worry. Air bubble does not affect the flash separation since it is inevitable during solid sample loading. These bubbles will be gradually drained out during separation procedure.

  • How to do when the pump does not work?

    Please open the back cover of the instrument, clean the pump piston rod with ethanol (analysis of pure or above), and rotate the piston while washing until the piston turns smoothly.

  • How to do if the pump cannot pump out the solvent?

    1. Instrument will not be able to pump the solvents when ambient temperature above 30℃, especially low boiling solvents, Such as dichloromethane or Ether.

    Please ensure that the ambient temperature is below 30℃.

    2. Air occupy the pipeline while the instrumnet out of operation for long time.

    Please add ethanol to the ceramic rod of the pump head (analysis of pure or above) and increase the flow rate at the same time. The connector in front of the pump damaged or Loose, this will cause the line to leak air .Please check carefully whether the pipe connection is loose.

    3. The connector in front of the pump damaged or Loose, it will cause the line to leak air .

    Please confirm whether the pipe connector is in good condition.

  • How to do when Collect nozzle and waste liquid drain at the same time?

    The collect valve are blocked or aging. Please replace the three-way solenoid valve.

    ADVICE: Please contact the after-sale engineer to deal with it.

  • How to do when the radio of solvents is not accurate?

    Clean the solvent filter head completely to remove any impurities, It is best to use ultrasonic cleaning.

  • What cause the high baseline noise ?

    1. flow cell of the detector was polluted.

    2. Low energy of light source.

    3. Influence of pump pulse.

    4. Temperature effect of detector.

    5. There are bubbles in the test pool.

    6. Column or mobile phase contamination.

    In preparative chromatography, a small amount of baseline noise has little effect on separation.

  • How to do if liquid level alarm abnormally?

    1. The tube connector at the back of the machine is loose or damaged; Replace the tube connector;

    2. Gas way check valve is damaged. Replace the check valve.

  • How to do if the historical record prompts

    After the separation, it is necessary to wait 3-5 minutes before shutting down to ensure the integrity of the experiment records.

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